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For this semester, we ask that you find volunteering opportunities in your local communities or places of influence. This could be a church, school, community organization, or something else that is of interest to you. If you would like additional ideas for accruing volunteer hours, please see the below opportunities.

REQUIREMENTS: Each Member, Pledge, and Candidate is required to have at least eight hours of volunteering. Volunteer activities should be submitted in Blackboard by December 3rd, 2020. Please provide documentation of your volunteering (preferably with an official letterhead) with organization contact information for whom you volunteered.

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Every Sunday from 2-4 P.M., Epsilon Tau Chapter hosts virtual tutoring sessions for students in Accounting 210 and 220. This is an opportunity for BAP candidates, pledges, or members to earn some hours while assisting students with accounting classes. For information on volunteering, please email Will at

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Beta Alpha Psi Nationals has provided some ideas for volunteering online. Opportunities include writing cards for children and senior citizens. Each card is worth .5 hours of volunteering. Writing 16 cards will fulfill your volunteer requirements for this semester.

Please click here for more information and guidelines for writing cards.

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